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last updated: 5/14/24
*exposes my soft underbelly to the world* h-hi.... i'm being worked on right now...

welcum 2 my epic blog (not run by tumblr or wordpress or-!) [5-14-24]

*exposes my soft underbelly again* im testing this as a way to not have this page super cluttered but i didn't wanna look at how others do it bc im a little silly

ok i think i'm almost satisfied with how this looks! now i don't really know how to make a blog properly, but does that really matter?
...it does?
oops. well, welcome to my blog. i'll try to remember to use this, but no promises! i mostly wanted to make this to ramble sometimes and to talk about personal things that i know might be hard to find info abt other than like. reddit. lol

also since this is the only one so far im going to warn you guys to collapse these guys when you're done so you don't have to scroll too much. or don't. i can't control you. i'm not your mom. or whatever

also, the links on the side should hold useful for navigating if you do end up leaving them open, or in pretty much all of these entries' case (i'm assuming) to go back to the top to collapse, if you remember what entry you're on. if you don't, it's fine, just reload the page if you get lost.
but also thank you for reading enough to need to know that or want to know that! or opening the entry and then going right here to say bye bye too. :)

bye bye!


welcome 2 da blog! 5-14-24
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